– Do you know yourself well? What are your weaknesses and strengths? What do you think you are good at?

– What jobs look appealing to you? Where do you see yourself in five/ten years?

1. Look through the words given in the first column. Explain their meanings. Think ofsome staff representatives of the other area and complete the table.

Educational establishment
Company Office

dean, lecturer, tutor, PhD, professor, principal, teacher

2. Company structure consists of different departments which involve various posts. Match the positions to their definitions.

1) President

2) Chief Executive Officer

3) Vice President

4) shareholder

5) board of directors

6) chairman

7) director

8) manager

9) personal assistant

10) graduate trainee

11) deputy

a) a group of people chosen to establish policy for and control a company

b) any of several executive officers, each responsible for a separate division

c) a person managing the affairs of a corporation

d) a person responsible for day-to-day running of a department

e) a person who heads a Board of Directors; head of a company

f) a person who is appointed to undertake the duties of a senior manager in the his absence

g) a member of the board of directors

h) a person who holds or owns shares in or a part of a company or corporation

i) head of a company

j) an official employee of the firm who is being trained to the job he/she was hired for after having graduated from university

k) a secretary or administrative assistant working exclusively for one particular person

3. Use the words and phrases below to complete the functions different individuals perform within their position in a company.

run the company / report to / be in charge of / cooperate with / job title / delegate work / senior management / line manager

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1) _____. The level below CEO is Chief … Officer, for example Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who is part of the 2) _____ team. The CFO 3) _____ the CEO (= has the CEO as their boss). The CFO 4) _____ (= responsible for) all the financial sides of the business. The next level down might be country level for a large international organization, or departmental level. A job title here might be Sales Director or Head of Sales or VP (= Vice President) Sales. The Sales Director for Sweden 5) _____ closely (= talks to in order to work better with) the Chief Marketing Officer at Head Office. Below this are people with 6) _____ like Manager, Officer, Coordinator, and etc. The words Assistant or Deputy may also occur at any level. I’m the Business Development Officer for Sweden. My 7) _____ (= person directly above me, who I report to) is the Sales Director. The Sales Director 8) _____ (= gives) a lot of the tasks to me.

4. Is college or university certification important for getting a good job? Which careers do you think can be available for the jobseekers without higher education qualifications? Read the article about some vacancies at the UK market of employment, match the passages to the jobs. What differs these positions from the other advertised posts?

a) Communication equipment professionals

b) Sales reps

c) Agricultural management

d) Transportation, storage, and distribution managers

More and more high school graduates are nowadays seeking options to get a job. Some students work parttime, and some choose to have full-time jobs either during their term time, holidays or both. They earn for their further education, want to have additional income on personal necessities or luxuries, or simply need to get by, as their loans fail to cover the cost of living.

Being highly-paid is the main goal of the majority, though it may seem like all the top careers mean you have to get a college degree, but that’s not the case at all and there are a number of positions that require no more than a high school diploma. Check some ideas of the best-paid jobs for no experience high school leavers.

1) _______________ 

This is a serious occupation with a lot of responsibility, but it usually requires only secondary school qualifications to get started. According to a Forbes report, it promises the highest annual salary of any job that does not require formal education. There are various job titles in the field, so you can work in a warehouse, in logistics, organize shipping and delivery of goods to end-users. Here you can easily climb the career ladder and gain a lot of experience that can be beneficial later on in life. 

2) _______________ 

It does not require any academic skills. Usually, such a professional may begin by doing any manual labour on a farm or a land plot. The downside of being a rancher is the responsibility and hard physical work. Lots of effort will be required to keep all processes under control. While these professionals are mostly responsible for supervising other workers, a hands-on approach will be demanded quite often. 

3) _______________ 

If you’re passionate about retail, you may want to consider trying this role. You will surely benefit from many employment opportunities. Generally, no formal requirements for education or training are needed when being hired, and part-time employment options are also available. However, depending on the situation, you may be asked for previous experience, that could make it difficult for some high school students and recent graduates to compete against other candidates.

4) _______________ 

A final opportunity worth mentioning is in the media market. In movie industry, television channels, radio stations and other players such workers don’t have to specialize in any particular skill, because they receive training after getting hired. Their main task will be to monitor, upgrade, repair and maintain such equipment like cameras, microphones, broadcast technologies, light systems, lenses, monitors and so on. Because of their technical knowledge, they are well-paid and highly sought-after. Many work freelance, allowing themselves a good degree of freedom.

The above mentioned list states that there are professions that exist which can earn you more without any specialization. Although you have to remember, that in most situations the benefit of good salary and job security comes with higher education qualifications. Anyway, a sincere and serious look at your interest and skills is a must before jumping to any profession, in case you feel that further education for a degree in this field is not your cup of tea.

5. Look at the words in colour in the text and match them to their definitions.

1) to have specific education or experience in one particular area

2) to watch a person or activity to make sure it is done correctly

3) knowledge and skills gained by practice

4) the type of thing that you like

5) sending goods from one place to another, especially by ship

6) in a great demand

7) begin to do something quickly

8) begin a process or task

9) process of learning/teaching the skills you need to do a particular job

10) a person or organization that buys and uses something

11) to try to be more successful than someone

12) to get something good or helpful from something

6. Complete the test according to the text.

1) Nowadays school graduates …
a) invest more money in their education
b) look for a job before getting a degree
c) make a successful career
2) There are some professions which don’t require a high school diploma because they …
a) are menial and stressful
b) don’t need special skills and knowledge
c) are underpaid and exhausting
3) Some of the most profitable jobs are …
a) connected with management of goods
b) government positions
c) food and entertainment industry
4) Before choosing the future job, each graduate should …
a) get to know himself better
b) get a college or university degree
c) get some basis experience needed for an occupation

7. Look through the factors that influence your choice when looking for the right job. Put them in order of importance and compare your list with that of your partner’s. Discuss your lists and explain your choices.

– job stability

– career prospects

– salary rate

– business trips

– hours of work

– commuting

– medical insurance

– perks

– working environment

– level of responsibility

– job-satisfaction

– holiday allowance

ON TIME means being punctual, not late. If something happens on time, it happens at the time that it was planned.

Eg.: The ceremony was well-organized. It began and finished on time.

IN TIME means being soon enough. If we say we arrived in time, we’re saying that we got there a little earlier and there was time to spare. We can also say: just in time.

E.g.: The agent applied for the interview at 11am. I hope he’ll arrive in time. We got there just in time for our bus.

AT THE END means being at the point when something stops, and is usually followed by of + noun/pronoun

E.g.: At the end of the meeting, everybody went to the canteen.

IN THE END means finally. It is used when you want to say that a conclusion has arrived after a lot of confusion.

E.g.: I had quite a lot of problems with this project, but in the end I solved them.

NOTE! It’s wrong to say in the end of... It should always be phrased as at the end of.

8. Complete the sentence using in time or on time.

1) Don’t worry, I’ll be back _______ to finish the translation of the article.

2) The meeting has been scheduled for 3 p.m. Please, arrive _______.

3) We arrived at the theatre _______to have a coffee before the play started.

4) I almost forgot that it was Tim’s birthday. Fortunately I remembered _______.

5) Why are you never _______? You always keep everybody waiting.

6) We arrived right _______, neither early nor late.

9. Read the situations and make up sentences using just in time.

1) You have a job interview at 8.30 a.m. But this morning you woke up later than usual. You thought you were going to be late for the appointment. But it started right after you entered the office. (arrive/place/before/begin/interview)

2) When being on the bus you saw a man trying to steal another passenger’s wallet. At once you started calling the police, so the thief immediately ran away. (stop/thief)

3) You and you sister were setting off on a trip, but you were late to the airport and thought you could miss your flight. Fortunately the flight was delayed for an hour and just as you arrived at the airport, the gate was open for check-in. (arrive/airport/flight/to Paris)

4) The other day I left my mobile at home, but I was waiting for an important phone call from a potential employer. So, I decided to return home and take my mobile because I couldn’t miss that call. Just after I opened the door, I heard the phone ringing. (get home/phone call)

5) My friend was busy with a new project and totally forgot about her boss’s birthday. Luckily she remembered and could get the present before he came to work. (buy/present/boss)

10. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1) At/In the end of this month, it will be my birthday. I would like to have an English dictionary.

2) The day before yesterday, I sat an examination. I knew nothing about the subject. In/At the end, I returned a blank paper and left.

3) It took me a long time to find a job. In/At the end, I got a job in a restaurant.

4) I will be moving to a new address in/at the end of May.

5) He didn’t have a well-paid job. In/At the end, he found a better one.

6) Put your signature at/in the end of the contract.

7) I pay the phone bill in/at the end of each month.

8) We worked hard, and in/at the end, we achieved our goal.

9) I pay the phone bill in/at the end of each month.

10) We had a few problems at first, but at/in the end, everything was fine.

11. Some people say that teenagers should work part-time and earn money. This way they will learn basic lessons about work and become more disciplined. Others argue that teenagers shouldn’t sacrifice their rest and after-school activities to work. Consider both views and give your opinion. You should write at least 250 words. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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