1. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1) Most of the schools give _____ to enable the best of their pupils to complete their studies abroad.

a) grants
b) scholarships
c) assignments
d) admissions
2) The highest degree awarded by a university faculty is a _____.
a) master’s degree
b) diploma
c) academic degree
d) doctorate
3) The work that a person does, in other words a job or profession.
a) occupation
b) qualification
c) business
d) vocation
4) Only _____ students get the best marks and quality skills.
a) practical
b) ambitious
c) academic
d) rewarding
5) Exams are only a month away, if you don’t _____ now, you’ll surely fail.
a) ace a test
b) pull an all-nighter
c) hit the books
d) pass with flying colours
6) A _____ is an important official at a university or college.
a) dean
b) campus
c) syllabus
d) tutorial
7) Many families on low _____ will be unable to afford to buy their own home.
a) loans
b) salary
c) profit
d) incomes
8) _____ people believe that they are more important than others.
a) arrogant
b) disorganised
c) team-oriented
d) clumsy
9) The highest-ranking person in a company who is responsible for making managerial decisions.
a) principle
b) director
c) CEO
d) chief
10) I need to know more about the job before I decide whether to _____ it.
a) go to
b) apply for
c) enter
d) drop out of
11) I heard on the news that they _____ a new shopping centre in the town centre next year.
a) are going to build
b) will build
c) are building
d) have built
12) She _____ an appointment with Dr. Thomas tomorrow.
a) will make
b) makes
c) is going to make
d) is making
13)In the year 2050 all students _____ their own computers in school.
a) have
b) are going to have
c) will be having
d) will have
14) By the end of the month I _____ off my bank loan.
a) will pay
b) will be paying
c) will have paid
d) will have been paying
15) This time next month I _____ for ten years.
a) will drive
b) will be driving
c) will have driven
d) will have been driving
16) Ann suddenly began to feel sick _____ she was doing the examination.
a) while
b) for
c) during
d) –
17) My friend offered _____ some money to me.
a) loan
b) to loan
c) loaning
18) She tried to make me _____ that she was my mother.
a) believe
b) to believe
c) believing
19) He kept up his studying for months because he wouldn’t _____ the exam until he was ready.
a) risk
b) to risk
c) risking
20) The traffic was very bad, but I managed to arrive at work _____ to prepare for the meeting.
a) in the end
b) in time
c) on time
d) at the end

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