– Look at the phrases and tell when you can hear them.

a) Is it a he or a she?
b) Be a good boy/girl !
c) Just married!
d) You are as old as you feel!

1. Look at these life stages. Number the different stages of a life cycle in the correct order. Which of them do you think might be the best in your life? Why?

__adult/grown up

2. Fill in the blanks in the sentences using the words from the previous exercise

1) My _____ is so naughty at the moment, since she turned fifteen I can’t control her!

2) My friend brought her _____ to my wedding. She was gorgeous, less than a week old!

3) I hate being _____ and paying taxes and not getting any school holidays.

4) My _____ has just discovered girls. He is 16 and he never talks to us anymore!

5) Being a _____ can be incredibly difficult. School is a whole new world and nowadays you are expected to learn so much so quickly. Mine started taking exams when he was just six years old.

6) Justin Bieber is definitely _____ for the market; 11 and 12 year old girls love him.

7) My _____ girl is six months old and she has already started crawling.

8) I’m really worried about my _____ aunt. She is living alone and isn’t getting the help she needs.

3. Complete the expressions using the given words.

of / look / your / same / get / at / all / child

my / way / whole / new / all / full

1) The _____ age as (me)

2) When I was _____ age

3) People of _____ ages

4) When you _____ to my age

5) At the age _____ 43

6) You don’t _____ your age

7) A _____ of his age

8) _____ your age

1) _____ my life

2) Start a _____ life

3) It’s a _____ of life

4) In all _____ life

5) A very _____ life

4. Match the beginnings with their endings to complete the sentences.

1) They’re expecting their child

2) She will grow up

3) However, you will come of age

4) I am not going to bring up

5) One day I’ll want to settle down

6) Girls are said to mature

7) I want to grow old

8) He was at death’s door

9) They would want him to christen

10) She was still in mourning

a) into a beautiful girl.

b) for her husband.

c) their baby.

d) with a mystery illness.

e) my child in this hole.

f) and have a family.

g) with you.

h) on September 5.

i) in two months.

j) faster than boys.

5. Read a short extract about attitude to life. Tell which stages of life Nicolas mentions in his life story.

If someone asked you to describe the 10 best days of your life, how would you answer? Most people start off listing the days of their childhood, their secret love, the promotions, the days of success, the day when their children were born, the day they got married, and other big milestone events. But once you get past the top four or five things, the days that people point out as their “best” days are usually quite ordinary days spent with family and friends, doing enjoyable, yet average things like days out, camping, or jogging.

It was July 23, and in two days I would be turning twenty. I was insecure about entering a new decade of my life and feared that my best years were now behind me. My daily routine included going to the gym for a workout before going to uni. Every morning I would see my friend Mark at the gym. He was seventy-nine years old and in terrific shape. As I greeted Mark on this particular day, he noticed I wasn’t full of my usual vitality and asked if there was anything wrong. I told him I was feeling anxious about turning twenty. I wondered how I would look back on my life once I reached Mark’s age, so I asked him,

“What was the best time of your life?”

Without hesitation, Mark replied,

“Well, Alex, this is my philosophical answer to your philosophical question”.

When I was a child in Austria and everything was taken care of for me and I was nurtured by my parents, that was the best time of my life.

When I was going to school and learning the things I know today, that was the best time of my life.

When I got my first job and had responsibilities and got paid for my efforts, that was the best time of my life.

When I met my wife and fell in love, that was the best time of my life.

The Second World War came, and my wife and I had to run away from Austria to save our lives.

When we were together and safe on a ship bound for North America, that was the best time of my life.

When we came to Canada and started a family, that was the best time of my life.

When I was a young father, watching my children grow up, that was the best time of my life.

And now, Alex, I am seventy-nine years old. I have my health, I feel good, and I am in love with my wife just as I was when we first met. This is the best time of my life.”

What are the best memories imprinted in your brain? Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we’re experiencing one of our best days while we’re having it. It’s only when we look back that we realize how happy we were. There is no specific season of life that will contain the best days of your life and that is completely fine. Whether we may be three, thirteen, or thirty-three, the best day of our lives could be just around the corner. Now is the best time of my life. This day. And, tomorrow could be even better, so I am willing to foresee that happening. I believe that a positive attitude makes all the difference, no matter what age or circumstance surrounds us. I’m 79-years-old, and I’m not done.

6. Look at the words in colour in the text and match them to their synonyms.

magnificent / expect / firmly fixed (in mind) / uncertainty / holding a course for / brought up / remember / nervous / refer / begin

7. Look through the text again and say whether the sentences are true (T), false (F) or not given according to the text.

1) The majority of people usually recall only the most memorable, but not usual happy days.

2) The author has more than 10 events in the list of his best days.

3) The author felt worried about his coming of age.

4) Mark had no doubts about the time of his life.

5) Mark moved twice in his life.

6) Mark fell in love with his wife at first sight.

7) People always feel happier in youth days.

8) You can’t say for sure which day will become your best memory.

9) The author is positive about his life.

10) The author has had enough of his life.


SUCH is a determiner; SO is an adverb.

They often have the same meaning of “very” or “to this degree”:

E.g.: Those are such good chocolates.
E.g.: Those chocolates are so good.
We use SUCH + (a/an/-) noun phrase and SO + adjective or adverb phrase:
E.g.: She is such a great cook.
I didn’t realize it was such an old house.

E.g.: That was so unpleasant. (so + adjective)

Why do you drive so fast? (so + adverb)

We can also say SO…that or SUCH … that:

E.g.: That book was so good, that I couldn’t put it down

E.g.: It was such a good book that I couldn’t put it down.

SO but not SUCH can also be used in front of much, many, little, few to add emphasis:
E.g.: So much food was wasted every day.

E.g.: In those days there were so few doctors in our area.

E.g.: So long, so far, so much/so many
E.g.: Such a long time, such a long way, such a lot (of)

TOO is used with adjective + for somebody/something

ENOUGH is used with noun + for somebody/something

OR adjective/adverb + ENOUGH + for somebody/something

E.g.: The music was too loud for me.

The car went too slowly for him.

E.g.: There isn’t enough water for me.

The book isn’t interesting enough for us.

The tea isn’t sweet enough for me.

He wasn’t knowledgeable enough for the job.

TOO / ENOUGH ... to do something
E.g.: You are too young to work.
E.g.: We haven’t got enough money to go on holiday.


E.g.: The bag was too heavy to carry IT.

BUT The water is too cold to swim IN

E.g.: I’ve read enough of these books. 

I’ve had enough of your jokes.

8. Choose the correct answers for the questions.

1) Which word goes in the space? – The film is _____ funny! I watched it three times!
a) too
b) enough
c) so
2) What goes in the space? – She’s got _____ nice house!
a) such
b) such a
c) so
3) Which phrase completes the sentence? – _____ that I couldn’t see a thing
a) It was dark enough
b) It was too dark
c) It was so dark
4) What is the best way to complete this sentence? – Mark is so rich that _____
a) he can buy whatever he wants
b) he works very hard
c) I bought him a bottle of wine for his birthday
5) Which word goes in the space? – You must be very proud of Tim. He works _____!
a) too hard
b) so hard
c) hard enough

9. Rewrite the following sentences using so, such, too and enough.

1) The shelf was so high that I couldn’t reach it. – It was _____________________________.

2) Unfortunately, I wasn’t early enough to get a good seat. – Unfortunately, I was ___________.

3) I didn’t know what to buy; there were such a lot of bargains. – There were _____________.

4) Verona is such a wonderful city that we’d like to visit! – Verona was __________________.

5) It wasn’t safe enough to ski on the soft melting snow. – It was _______________________.

6) He was too old to apply for the job. – He wasn’t __________________________________.

7) We couldn’t talk because the music was so loud. – It was ___________________________.

8) The queue for petrol was so long that we had to wait two hours. – It was _______________.

9) The bridge was so low that the bus couldn’t go under it. – It was _____________________.

10) The food was so delicious that I could have eaten the same again! – It was _____________.

10. Choose between so, such, too, and enough so that the text makes sense.

A) I’ll never forget my first day at work. It was 1) _____ a disaster that I lost my job! The boss explained what I had to do, but she did it 2) _____ quickly that I didn’t understand. I wasn’t brave 3) _____ to ask her to repeat it, so I pretended I knew what to do. It wasn’t difficult at first – just putting numbers into a computer. Soon, though, I was 4) _____ busy that I started to make more and more mistakes. I made 5) _____ a lot of mistakes that the other workers noticed. They tried to help me, but it was 6) _____ late. In the end, I just had 7) _____ much to do that I gave up. I sat there and stared at my computer for two hours! The boss came back and she was 8) _____ shocked that she fired me immediately! My first day was also my last!

B) The gym I go to – “Frank’s Fitness Centre” – is 1) _____ a nice place and Frank and his wife are 2) _____ kind-hearted people. In fact, the whole staff at the centre are 3) _____ friendly. And that’s the problem. The gym is 4) _____ good that everyone wants to go there, but there just isn’t 5) _____ room for everyone. I don’t think Frank thought carefully 6) _____ about how successful the gym was going to be. Last year was fine, but this year there are 7) _____ many members to fit in 8) _____ a small gym. You have to wait 9) _____ a long time to be able to use the equipment. A twenty-minute wait to use the press bench is just 10) _____ long for me! I don’t have 11) _____ time to stand around and wait. So, I’m going to leave Frank’s and go to another gym. It’s 12) _____ a shame, but if I find a gym that nobody else likes, I’ll be able to use the equipment whenever I want!

11. Look at the following phrases and make up sentences using so/such, too/enough. Describe some important events, legal rights, or other special characteristics related to these phrases. Use the clues below and think of your own examples.

to get a driving license / to have a baby / to join the army / to retire / to start school / to enter the university / to change profession / to buy alcohol / try something new

For example: 3 days: You are old enough to get a birth certificate.

12. Continue the sentences using different vocabulary from the lesson and the clues below

1) I (don’t) want to _____ when I’m ____.
2) In my childhood I _____.
3) The best day of my life was _____.
4) Now that I’m _____ I can _____.
5) _____ can be the worst years (days) of your life.
6) I’ll never forget _____.
7) I think I was the happiest when _____.

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