– Have you ever wondered what love is? Read the quotes andguess who could say them. Prove your ideas.

a) a nun
b) a mother
c) a child

– “Love is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down all things in its path.”

– “It is not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

– “I love you to the moon and back.”

1. Look at the phrases and match them to the correct definitions.

1) Head over heels in love

2) A match made in heaven

3) The one (for someone)

4) One and only

5) To make a perfect couple

6) Mr./Mrs. Right

7) To crush on somebody

a) a person that you imagine you will spend the rest of your life with

b) to be madly in love

c) a combination of two people that is perfect in every way

d) to look good together

e) a person regarded as one’s destined life partner.

f) to have a feeling of romantic love for someone

g) unique; single

2. Complete the sentences using phrases from the previous exercise.

1) He’s awesome, so it wasn’t too surprising that other girls were _____ him.

2) I have a list of things that I am looking for in a partner. Once I find someone who has all of those qualities I will know that I have found _____.

3) Everyone had thought that Bill and Marge were _____; but when they announced their separation last month, everyone was shocked.

4) “To my _____ Valentine: I love you”.

5) Tom and Mary would _____ together. They suit one another so well.

6) Andrew fell _____ with his former high school sweet heart.

7) Bustin’ up on a cloud, shout out loud You’re _____ for me With your love by my side The world will be mine.

3. Match the verbs to prepositions to make up phrasal verbs.

1) cheat
2) put
3) make
4) ask
5) fall
6) go
7) split/break
8) let
9) chat
10) turn



up (with)



a) to ask somebody to go out

b) to be unfaithful or to lie

c) to have an argument with somebody

d) to forgive someone and after a disagreement

e) to end relationship or marriage

f) to have a romantic relationship

g) to accept someone that is unpleasant

h) to cause someone to be disappointed

i) to refuse the offer, say no to somebody

j) to talk to someone showing that you are attracted to them

4. Which of the expressions are related to love or lack of love? Make up some sentencesof your own using the phrasal verbs appropriately.


5. Read the short paragraphs and fill in the blanks using the given vocabulary above each of them. Listen to the recording and check your answers.

1) ______________________________________.

crush /ask / sight / courage / blind

If you have a 1) _____ on someone, then you have to work up the 2) _____ to 3) _____ them out. You might also ask a friend to arrange a 4) _____ date. If you are lucky, it will be love at first 5) _____.

2) ______________________________________.

romantic / falls / on / along / know / seeing

When couples go 1) _____ a date, they usually go to a 2) _____ restaurant or cafe where they can get to 3) _____ each other better. When you start dating somebody regularly, we say that you are “4) _____” somebody. If you get 5) _____ really well then you might become a couple. Sometimes, one person 6) _____ in love, which means they start to have strong feelings for the other person.

3) ______________________________________.

wedding / proposes / engaged / vows / ring / asks

When couples go out for a long time, they may decide to get 1) _____. One partner, usually the man, 2) _____. When he proposes, he usually gives the woman a 3) _____ and 4) _____ her to marry him. They invite their friends and family to the 5) _____ where they say their wedding 6) _____.

4) ______________________________________.

apart / divorced / break / argue / heartbroken / over

Sometimes couples start to 1) _____ about everything. Other couples just grow 2) _____. And so, sometimes, couples 3) _____ up. If they are married, they get 4) _____. However, when couples split apart, often one person is 5) _____. In that case, the person will need some time to get 6) _____ the relationship.

6. Look through the text again and match the titles to the correct paragraphs.

a) Dating
b) Beginning Relationships
c) Love and Marriage
d) Ending Relationships

7. Read the text and put the missing sentences into the most suitable places in the paragraphs. Which type of love have you experienced?

a) In life, there is nothing more satisfying and emotionally pleasing than the ability to love and be loved in return.

b) They enjoy giving more than receiving.

c) It involves a close connection in which two people care about each other and offer emotional support.

d) This type of love can also combine with commitment to create a stable, long-term relationship.

e) It is difficult to maintain happy relationships with such type of love.

f) Partners measure their satisfaction in the relationship as per convenience.

g) The bottom line is – you’ve got to be happy.


Love is in the truest sense, the essence of this Universe. 1)_________________________________. You can love your family and friends, and of course, we are all aware of romantic love. Ancient Greeks identified the types of love, and they are all easily recognizable by people.

Altruistic Love is divine and the purest form, which promotes brotherly affection and love for each other. In fact, it is exactly what all religions have been trying to teach us. It is basically love for all around us. When you give to others, you are displaying selfless or altruistic love. It can be shown in multiple types of relationships, but it is most common between parents and children, when parents make sacrifices in order to put their children first. However, you can also show this type of love to a friend or romantic partner. Some people have a tendency to love through patience and giving 2) ______________________________________.

Companion Love has a form that talks about the familial love we experience in our society and feel for our parents and siblings; happy are those who have this bonding. When extended to love between couples, this love focuses on building a compassionate, caring attitude and commitment. Many close friendships display this kind of love too. 3) ______________________________________.

Romantic Love is, perhaps, the most evident form of love; all of us have experienced it at some time or an other. It is the type of love that many people seem to seek out the most. If you have fallen in love, then you surely know what romantic love feels like. Successful romantic partnership depends on both partners feeling mutual love for each other. 4) ______________________________________.

Obsessive Love is, as the name suggests, the worst form of love. It is full of extreme reactions like insecurity, jealousy, obsession, unrealistic demands and often involves controlling behaviour. Those experiencing such type of love may feel they truly love the other person, but the object of their love often begins to see the unhealthy quality of this love and rejects them. 5) ______________________________________.

Practical Love is about people who’re completely rational in their relationships. Such relationships focus more on needs and wants – educational qualifications, professions, income, social status, common hobbies, parental possessions, material belongings, etc. 6) ______________________________________.

Relationships improve our life and by recognizing the different flavours of love, you can fill your life with multiple fulfilling sensations. 7) ____________________________. Although we are all humans and we are all different, we all seek happiness and to avoid suffering. And while all relationships have their ups and downs, certain forms of love are only about the downs, so if your relationship isn’t healthy, somewhere you’re at fault too.

8. Look through the text again and find the words that mean the following.

1) the most important characteristic (para 1)

2) a feeling of love and fondness (para 2)

3) a close relationship between family members or friends (para 3)

4) be suddenly powerfully attracted to someone (para 4)

5) a feeling of anger and mistrust (para 5)

6) a position in life (para 6)

7) gone wrong, the one to blame (para 7)


RATHER and QUITE are both degree modifiers. You can use quite/rather/pretty/fairly + adjectives or adverbs, which means less than “very” but more than “a little”:

E.g.: It’s quite/pretty/rather/fairly interesting.

RATHER __________ QUITE _____________VERY

You can use QUITE in the following ways:

Quite a/an + noun (without an adjective): E.g.: I didn’t expect to see him. It was quite a surprise.

Quite a lot (of…): E.g.: There were quite a lot of mistakes in the test.

Quite + verb, especially like or enjoy: E.g.: I quite like jazz, but it’s not my favourite music

RATHER is similar to QUITE, but we often use rather for negative ideas:

E.g.: The film is not so good. It’s rather boring. Alice is rather lazy. She doesn’t take much action.

When we use rather for positive ideas (good/nice, etc.), it means “unusually” or “surprisingly”:

E.g.: This cake is rather good. Did you make it?

We can use rather before or after a/an:

E.g.: It was rather an interesting film./It was a rather interesting film.

9. Complete the sentences choosing the correct option. Explain your choice.

1) Peter was quite/rather exhausted after the work in the garden.

2) I’ve quite/rather forgotten to call my friend.

3) Quite/Rather a number of people gathered near the Town Hall.

4) Mila’s little boy seems to be quite/rather intelligent for his age.

5) I didn’t expect much of the film, but it turned out to be quite/rather interesting.

6) John’s plan was quite / rather interesting, but quite/rather complicated.

7) I don’t quite/rather understand what you mean.

8) There are quite/rather a few English books in my home library.

9) The child has got a quite/rather bad cold.

10)I am quite/rather proud of that sweater; I’ve never knitted anything so big before.

11) The food was excellent, but the wine was quite/rather poor.

12) This room is quite/rather big. Is there a smaller one free?

13) Erik seemed quite/rather surprised when I mentioned it.

14) Little Tim is quite/rather an artist and everybody admires his pictures.

10. Work in pairs. Read the statements below and share your opinions about them. Say to what extent you agree or disagree. Use suitable modifiers to express your point of view.

1) What is love at first sight? Do you believe in it?

2) Is romance dead in the modern and fast-paced world of today? Why/not?

3) How do you know that you are in love? Symptoms?

4) What is a wedding ceremony like in your country? Describe it.

5) When do teenagers start going out in your country? Discuss it.

6) Can a single person be as happy as a married one? Discuss it.

7) Do you believe in “2 halves of the same apple”? Could you love only one person forever? Why/not?

For example: I quite believe in love at first sight, but in my opinion it’s rather difficult to recognize true love. How about you? –

I quite agree with you, it’s possible to meet a person and fall in love with him/her at the very same moment, but it is a rather rare chance.

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