1. Read the short paragraphs below and choose the answers (a-d) that best fit each gap.

Family history is also referred to as genealogy. It is one of the world’s most popular pastimes, and millions of people around the planet 1)_____ their origins as I write this. From complete beginners to experienced genealogist, the attraction of finding out more about the past through your own family is hard to resist. Once you 2)_____ out on the research road, the work can become 3)_____ fascinating. There are many reasons why. As you explore this route to the past, you’ll develop new skills, 4)_____ you can use in many ways. You’ll also enjoy the excitement of the detective process. The voyage of discovery into your family’s past often 5)_____ to a great understanding of history. It’s also a social network pastime, and 6)_____ you into contact with many new and 7)_____ people.








a) have investigated

a) have set

a) very

a) what

a) led

a) will bring

a) like-minded

b) are investigating

b) had set

b) so

b) which

b) lead

b) bring

b) like-minding

c) will investigate

c) are set

c) quite

c) that

c) leads

c) bringing

c) alike-minded

d) investigated

d) setted

d) absolutely

d) –

d) is leading

d) brought

d) similar-minding

8)_____ people continue to live life, they form relationships with other people, 9)_____ family members, and co-workers; and also close friends who become closer as if they are considered family. Relationships give meaning to life; they are a result of people needing 10)_____ for various reasons: for emotional 11)_____, psychological well-being, love, and affection, etc. But not 12)_____ relationships are good relationships. In good relationships, people are happy, healthy, and 13)_____. People in successful relationships are peaceful and get 14)_____, encourage each other and are there for one another. But good relationships don’t just happen. They are constructed – even if over time – by four basic pillars, which are communication, commonalities, respect, and trust.








a) when

a) included

a) each other

a) maintenance

a) whole

a) careful

a) by

b) as

b) include

b) one other

b) support

b) every

b) careless

b) across

c) as soon as

c) including

c) one the other

c) service

c) all

c) caring

c) along

d) during

d) are including

d) each another

d) help

d) each

d) carefree

d) beside

I would have to write a lot of pages to tell my love story in detail, but I will try to keep it brief. The first day of college and I saw a girl entering the class – twinkling eyes, mesmerizing look, and a nose ring that caught my attention. I 15)_____ a huge crush on her at first sight. She was a topper, very smart, cute, and pretty, I was attracted to her style of walking, her attitude, and the list goes 16)_____. Within a week I was almost friendly with everyone in the class, but never had courage to approach her. She was the only one 17)_____ my heart aflutter, but I somehow started a conversation and was successful with my efforts to be friendly with her. Her voice! How can someone not fall for her? Days into weeks into months and we started long night talks mentioning about family, school, friends, memories. We 18)_____ for only 2-3 hours, still being fresh for college. There used to be a beautiful bond, understanding, and love between us.

After a year I decided to 19)_____ her. And here comes the twist. She is Muslim and I’m Hindu. We always had this barrier in mind, but could not control our feelings; we were madly in love, so happily stayed together, spending a beautiful 4 years of college. When we decided to take it up to parents, they didn’t give their blessing. It was 20)_____ emotional drama. She agreed to marry a boy that her parents chose. I fought for a year; I could have fought the whole world to stay with her, but I didn’t manage to win her. I had spent the best 7 years of my life with her! 21)_____ can ever replace her in my heart. We are still in the same office. We see each other, we smile and I whisper — love you infinitely! I ask God how he can be so unfair! The most beautiful gift that he has ever given to me, and he took it away!








a) felt

a) on

a) who make

a) were sleeping

a) engage

a) a number of

a) None

b) was

b) by

b) to make

b) had slept

b) offer

b) a lot of

b) No one

c) had

c) in

c) having made

c) would have slept

c) propose

 c) much

c) Anyone

d) made

d) to

d) made

d) would sleep

d) ask

d) a lot

d) Everyone

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