1. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1) In history, we learned about a _____ that ruled Egypt for hundreds of years. 

a) dynasty
b) duke
c) archbishop
d) clergy

2) As a _____ regime, it uses terror to maintain power.  

a) absolute
b) military
c) tyrannical
d) significant

3) The organization promotes racial _____ and unity in diversity.  

a) multiculturalism
b) tolerance
c) equality
d) nationalism

4) The international business community sees English as the _____ . 

a) American dream
b) culture shock
c) melting pot
d) lingua franca

5) This is a _____ opportunity – you have to take it!  

a) peak season
b) top tourist
c) one of a kind
d) must see

6) I often _____ all the cafes, bakeries and pie shops during my travelling.  

a) wander round
b) soak up
c) laze around
d) stay on

7) I am so tired. I _____ the days of the week until the weekend.  

a) take time off
b) count down
c) look forward to
d) wind down

8) The children always _____ a fir Christmas tree with bright lights and unique ornaments.  

a) put up
b) celebrate
c) attend
d) decorate

9) The highest _____ lifts its majestic cone far into the clouds.  

a) rocky
b) landscape
c) peak
d) plant

10) The whole _____ seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. 

a) tribe
b) troop
c) communal group
d) settlement

11) The teacher asked the boys whether they _____ the problems  

a) solved
b) have solved
c) had solved
d) will solve

12) Mr. Smith promised he _____ me a suitable job. a) is going to find b) will find c) found d) would find

13) The homeless people _____ story appeared in the paper last week have now found a place to live. 

a) whose
b) who
c) which
d) whom

14) The house _____ they’ve bought is next to the park. 

a) which
b) that
c) whose
d) where

15) The car, _____ cost more than 50,000 dollars, was a present from his family.  

a) which
b) that
c) –
d) when

16) _____ in the company for many years, he knew everyone and everything. 

a) worked
b) being worked
c) working
d) having worked

17) Many workers, _____ about their jobs, talked to the boss.  

a) frustrating
b) frustrated
c) being frustrated
d) having frustrated

18) Don’t worry ! My aunt always treats her guests very _____.  

a) nice
b) good
c) well
d) nicely

19)It is much _____ to speak English than to understand it, isn’t it?  

a) difficult
b) more difficult
c) the most difficult
d) difficulty

20) At the world dance competition, pair number 22 dances _____ of all.  

a) gracefully
b) more gracefully
c) the most gracefully
d) graceful

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