1. Read the short paragraphs below and choose the answers (a-d) that best fit each gap.

By 2050, 70% of the world’s 9 billion people 1)_____ in cities. Globalization is creating a series of melting pots around the world. These are the places where ancient cultures can build 2)_____ each other or collide. New York, London, Sydney, and Melbourne: these are the places of liberty and “free speech”. But these are also the places of heated cultural tension. This kind of tension is 3)_____ in many forms. People direct 4)_____ toward that foreigner who “stole” an Aussie job to make the overpriced clothes they buy. But are these people in the vocal minority, or outspoken representatives of the majority? Globalisation 5)_____ diverse cultures under one shared flag, encourages once oppressed groups to 6)_____ and blurs the borders between micro-communities. This makes it is easy for underlying prejudice to simmer and erupt. When a “minority” group causes the melting pot to spill over, the city’s western middle-class news media spins a story tailored for the highest 7)_____, exacerbating this prejudice.








a) are going to live

a) beside

a) demonstrating

a) hates

a) unites

a) speak up

a) rankings

b) will live

b) besides

b) demonstrated

b) hatred

b) gathers

b) speak out

b) rentings

c) are living

c) each side

c) demonstrates

c) hated

c) joins

c) speak for

c) numbers

d) live

d) on the side

d) demonstrate

d) hating

d) collects

d) speak with

d) ratings

The night before Christmas I was full of the usual 8)_____ that I always felt during the Christmas season. Christmas had always been one of the delightful religious festivals for me. The church started preparing 9)_____ back in November. Beautiful Christmas music could be heard everywhere on the streets, on the radio, and even on television. Everybody made colourful crepe paper ornaments to decorate their homes with. It was 10)_____ time when relatives and friends gathered together and visited each other. All of us looked forward to the Christmas Eve Service at our church and a joyous procession 11)_____ the streets after the service. Throughout the celebration, everyone was in a gala mood and greeted people around with the special words of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Then on Christmas Day we went back to church to sing carols reminding us 12)_____ the meaning of the blessed birth of the baby Jesus. After the Christmas service young people received special gifts of chocolate, cookies, and crackers. They were told that the gifts 13)_____ from Father Christmas. They also received new clothes and perhaps new pairs of shoes. We always thought that these were the things that meant Christmas. Oh how I wish that those memories 14)_____ real tonight!








a) anticipation

a) long

a) a

a) alongside

a) about

a) come

a) are

b) expectancy

b) far

b) –

b) by

b) of

b) coming

b) can be

c) suspense

c) way

c) the

c) over

c) to

c) have come

c) was

d) tension

d) yet

d) this

d) through

d) –

d) would come

d) were

Mobility and being 15)_____ create a wonderful sensation to the American people. Although many families enjoy spending their holidays at home, the majority of them hit the road. They may simply rent a cabin in the wilderness or near the seaside, or go to one of the many campgrounds that dot the USA, overall they just strive to 16)_____ from the hectic life of the city and work. One more popular method to escape stress is to visit national parks, such as Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, which 60 million opt for every year.

Though hiking and trail blazing have become 17)_____ popular, Americans also enjoy international travel. In almost every European city, you are bound to bump into an American traveller. Since 18)_____, loads of Americans have made their way to Europe. The reason for this is that the majority of the US population 19)_____ their ancestry back to European countries. Today, the most common sites like Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam or Rome are full of young American backpackers, budget travellers who often stay in youth hostels. Should you ever 20)_____ to meet one, they are adventurous and eager 21)_____ new people. Try to strike up a conversation with one of them, and your efforts will most likely be rewarded.








a) on the way

a) get away

a) most

a) the 1950s

a) track

a) manage

a) to meeting

b) on foot

b) get out

b) much

b) 1950s

b) trace

b) happen

b) to meet

c) on the road

c) get across

c) more

c) the 1950th

c) originate

c) want

c) to have met

d) on the trail

d) get back

d) more and more

d) the 1950

d) date

d) seem

d) meeting

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