1. Read the text and decide if the statements following are true (Т) or false (F).

The World Happiness Report measures “subjective well-being” – how happy people are, and why. According to the survey Norway is the happiest place on Earth, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland round out the top five, while the Central African Republic came in last. The World Happiness Report was released to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness on 20 March. It mainly relies on asking a simple, subjective question of more than 1,000 people every year in each of more than 150 countries.

“Imagine a ladder, with steps numbered from 0 at the bottom to 10 at the top,” the question asks. “The top of the ladder represents the best possible life for you and the bottom of the ladder represents the worst possible life for you. On which step of the ladder would you say you personally feel you stand at this time?” The average result is the country’s score – ranging from Norway’s 7.54 to the Central African Republic’s 2.69. But the report also tries to analyze statistics to explain why one country is happier than another.

It looks at factors including economic strength, social support, life expectancy, freedom of choice, generosity and perceived corruption.

The report also suggests that professional “white collar” jobs are associated with improved happiness over “blue collar” roles – but that having a job at all is one of the biggest factors. And while “those in well-paying jobs are happier and more satisfied with their lives”, that effect has diminishing returns – “an extra $100 of salary is worth much more to someone at the lower end of the income distribution than someone already earning much more.”

1) The World Happiness Report was released in spring.

2) The survey was mainly based on handing out questionnaire

3) About 1000 countries were involved in the survey.

4) “White collars” are happier than “blue collars” according to the report.

5) According to the report working makes people unhappy.

2. Read the text and complete the sentences following with an appropriate ending.

Homecoming is a cherished autumn tradition at universities and high schools across the United States when alumni from across the country return to their former academic institutions, also referred to as their “alma maters,” as part of a tradition that allows them to reconnect with their old friends, former classmates and professors while celebrating their school’s unique history. This tradition serves as an opportunity for past and current students alike to bond over their shared school pride, hear the marching band playing the fight song and cheer their beloved teams, hopefully, crushing the opposition.

A few universities claim to have hosted the first homecoming game, but the University of Missouri was certainly the first college to center homecoming around both a parade and a football game. Since alumni were encouraged to “come home” for that first homecoming match in 1911, which attracted over 9,000 spectators, universities and high schools all over the United States have developed their own homecoming traditions.

In addition to the homecoming game, students attend a homecoming dance (also sometimes called court-warming) that is much like prom. At the homecoming dance, usually held in the high school gym, a DJ plays music and students usually dress up in semi-formal attire.

During the homecoming festivities, two students are selected as homecoming king and queen based on their contributions to the school. The winners are announced at the game during halftime. Colleges and universities select homecoming “royalty” as well.

Although traditions vary at individual schools, the most important part of homecoming remains the same: it is an opportunity for people to come together, support their school, and have some fun!

6) Homecoming is when you are back from a holiday/a welcome back to a new school year/when you get back

7) Alumni means people who used to study/ former students at a particular school/ a silver metal used for many products.

8) The origin of homecoming tradition is a banquet for people, towns, high schools and colleges/a parade featuring the school’s marching band and sports teams/football game during which alumni were encouraged to attend.

9) A homecoming dance is similar to the prom/ allows wearing less formal clothes/is held during the homecoming game.

10) Homecoming traditions differ across the country/have a common idea of joining people from different schools/are about honoring school history and reuniting student community.

3. Complete the text with the appropriate form of each word given on the right.

Backpacking in Japan is a truly fascinating experience. The cities in Japan are 1)_____ any other. You can easily spend weeks 2)_____ the bright lights of futuristic Tokyo. Next, head to the Japanese Alps, which has some of the 3)_____ skiing in the world! Speaking of cherry blossom season, make sure you visit Kanazawa, one of Japan’s most beautiful gardens. Shirakawa and Takayama are next on the list. Shirakawa is a UNESCO world heritage site, 4)_____ for 250-year-old traditional farmhouses and Takayama 5)_____ for a great day trip. Finally, head to Kyoto to finish up this amazing trip! With 6)_____ temples, beautiful gardens, imperial palaces, and pretty good nightlife Kyoto is an unmissable destination. Whilst backpacking in Japan, I never once 7)_____ threatened, and I was 8)_____ frustrated. The main challenge in Japan is trying not to spend too much money; hitchhiking is the key to travelling Japan on a budget and experiencing the country 9)_____. Japanese people uphold formal traditions, valuing etiquette and 10)_____. Abide by these things, and be 11)_____ when you are visiting temples, shrines, and sites.





4. Fill in the blanks in the text with only one word in each gap.

Walt Disney was a well known film producer and an innovator in animation design. He created a number of the world’s most famous animation 1)_____, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Felix the Cat and many 2)_____.

In his childhood, Walt moved with his family all 3)_____ the United States. When young Walt arrived in Los Angeles, he 4)_____ only $40 and an unfinished cartoon in his suitcase.

Disney’s first wish was to become a film 5)_____. Since he didn’t succeed 6)_____ live-action films, Disney turned 7)_____ to animation. His first Hollywood cartoon “studio” 8)_____ a garage in his uncle’s house. Walt went to his brother Roy and asked 9)_____ his help with opening the studio. Roy agreed and 10)_____ was the beginning of the Disney Brothers’ Studio.

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966, 11)_____ years before the opening of his “Walt Disney World” dream project in Orlando, Florida. The famous Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort parks in 12)_____ United States, France, Japan, and China were named in his memory.

5. Look at the questions and choose the answer you think is correct for each one. There may be more than one correct answer for some questions.

1) The first thing you have to think about is ______________. 

a) what’s more important for you 

b) a good daily planner 

c) your time spent wisely

2) Which of these things do you need to do to avoid being late? 

a) Setting a reminder one hour before an event 

b) Giving yourself a reminder the day before an event

c) Setting two reminders per every event 

3) How much time do you need to add to the time you think you’ll need? 

a) Twenty minutes 

b) Twenty five minutes 

c) Twenty five percent

4) What do you have to do to be ready for the next day? 

a) To prepare everything beforehand 

b) To wake up earlier 

c) Not to worry over little things

5) The time of the day that you schedule events for doesn’t really matter. 

a) True 

b) False 

c) Not given

6. Look through the sentences below then listen to the recording and fill in the blanks with the appropriate vocabulary.

1) The time of getting to the place depends on the _____.

2) The _____ for taxi includes the tip.

3) You can _____ the tourists from a mile away.

4) The tourists walk _____ the street looking _____ at the skyscrapers.

5) There are some good restaurants downtown offering meals at a _____ price.

6) To get to the place one needs _____ the subway or taxi, but they don’t run by the museum that often.

7) There are buses that run that way too, but then one has _____ a couple of times then.

7. Rewrite the sentences using the words given so that the meaning is left the same.

1) I haven’t decided what sort of job I’d like to do when I leave college. MIND I haven’t made _____________ the sort of job I’d like to do when I leave college.

2) Last Saturday my friend asked me, “Do you want to see a film tonight?” WHETHER Last Saturday my friend asked me _____________ a film that night.

3) The journey was shorter than I had expected. LONG The journey was _____________ I had expected.

4) I am sorry I didn’t contact you, but I was very busy. TOUCH I apologise for _____________ you, but I was very busy

5) The students will finish their English course at the end of June. HAVE The English course _____________ the beginning of July.

6) Bob hadn’t seen his uncle for several years. GONE After several years _____________, Bob saw his uncle again.

7) It’s ages since my sister and I had an argument. OUT My sister and I _____________ ages.

8) The children are always fascinated by nature programmes on TV. FIND The children _____________ when they watch them on TV.

9) Looking back, I think I was right to study mathematics at university. REGRET Looking back, I _____________ mathematics at university.

10) While we were going home yesterday we got caught in a thunderstorm. WAY We got caught in a thunderstorm while we were _____________ yesterday.

11)I’d like you to connect me to the managing director’s extension. THROUGH Could you _____________ the managing director’s extension?

12) Please behave as if you are in your own home during your stay. MAKE I’d like you all _____________ home during your stay.

13) The owner established the company in 2011. UP The company _____________ the owner in 2011.

14) Will your neighbours look after your dog when you go away? TAKE Do you know if your neighbours _____________ your dog when you go away?

15) The family always spent their holidays climbing in the mountains. USED The family’s holidays _____________ climbing in the mountains.

8. Read the following question. What do you think? Prepare arguments to support your opinion, then tell it to your teacher, responding to the points below.

Should you start a career or enter university at 18?
– earning a living;
– starting a family;
– gaining experience;
– meeting new people.

9. Write a letter to your penfriend in the UK. She or he wants to know about your life in your country. Write about 200 words. Tell him or her about:

– being a teenager;
– opportunities for youth;
– friendships;
– attitude to family and marriage.

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