1. What is the difference between the words festival, fest, fair and festivity? Give examples of each. Read the adverts for the festivals and match them to the pictures. Explain the words and phrases in italics. Look up if needed.

1) The Harbin festival is the largest snow and ice festival in the world, and it features carvings towering over 20 feet in height and full-size buildings made from gigantic blocks of ice.

2) People flock from all over the world to participate in the masked celebrations of Carnevale, that has been a Venice tradition since the 13th century.

3) Each year over 100,000 visitors come to New Orleans to dance the day and night away. So, if you want to party like there’s no tomorrow, Mardis Gras’ is is where you belong.

4) As crazy as it may seem, Spanish La Tomatina is held every year purely for fun, meaning it isn’t tied to any ancient traditions. In 1945 a few locals began throwing fruits and vegetables during a parade — and ever since then the tomato-throwing festival has continued on.

5) Each year Coachella which takes place in California, boasts the biggest names in music, not to mention an impressive showing of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

6) Don’t miss the Mexican Day of the Dead, full of a colourful display of costume and culture, that celebrates All Saint’s Day, which remembers all those who have passed before us.

7) The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is a time-honoured Spanish tradition, which guarantees to raise your adrenaline levels, whether you’re running or watching.

8) Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours, celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s fun, safe, and free. Just remember to BYOD (bring your own dye).

2. Match the words below to their definitions. Make up your own sentences with them.

1) parade
2) carnival
3) street performers
4) delicacies
5) refreshments
6) vendors
7) chant
8) merry-makers
9) reveller

a) mobile event featuring amusement park rides and games

b) event in which people, usually in costume, are walking or riding down a street in front of a crowd

c) special, unique food

d) a song with little or no music, with short phrases people repeat together

e) drinks

f) people who sell things

g) people having fun and helping others do so also

h) people such as musicians, acrobats

i) festival goer

3. How do you celebrate? Match the two parts of the phrase to make some most common festival activities. Make up a few sentences using the collocations.

1) follow
2) watch/set off
3) decorate
4) dress up
5) build
6) go to
a) a firework display/fireworks
b) as a special character
c) your house or street
d) ancient traditions
e) bonfires
f) shrines

4. Read the text and tell which of the following events you’d like to visit.

For many art lovers, a great art festival can be a truly enriching, inspiring, and eye-opening display of classic works of art, while exploring new art forms and styles, and that will introduce attendees to a new breed of artists, sharing their art alongside the great masters of the past. Here are some festivals and art shows where some of today’s top artists come to show off their cutting-edge works. These special exhibitions are also where different disciplines of art intersect.

Widely considered to be amongst the premiere art shows for a wide array of modern art works in the entire world, ART BASEL became the place for high-powered art dealers and lovers to discover fresh new talent. The show draws art collectors from across the globe and features works from 4000 artists, represented by more than 300 galleries from different countries.

If you want to see art displayed in a monumental way, you’ll want to visit Paris in October during FOIRE INTERNATIONALE D’ART CONTEMPORAIN IN FRANCE, or the INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF CONTEMPORARY ART. The glass-domed exposition hall in the heart of the city is the perfect venue to host galleries specializing in modern and contemporary art.

The HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR was designed to turn Asia’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan city into a global art hub. The festival is well known for being a crossroads of talent from the east and west, allowing the fans of modern art to enjoy a blend of styles and cultural influences from across the globe. The fair has been known for its high value works and also for incorporating impressive, large-scale installations.

Visit Japan at the right time and you’ll get to experience an exhibit like no other. ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART TRIENNIAL is the world’s largest outdoor art festival and it’s held every three years in the rural Echigo-Tsumari region of Niigata Prefecture, which puts an emphasis on man living in harmony with nature, and as a result, the art displays are set up outside in more than 200 small villages. It brings together more than 300 international artists in a natural setting.

If you’re looking for an art event that comes alive at night, go to VIVID SYDNEY. It’s the largest celebration of light, music, and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere, where visitors can witness plenty of light installations that include a stunning projection on the Sydney Opera House.

First started back in 1975, THE EUROPEAN FINE ART FOUNDATION’S ART FAIR, held annually in Maastricht in the Netherlands, may be the premiere place for buying and selling antiques and works of fine art in the entire world. This is a festival for serious collectors or museum curators looking to improve their holdings. Casual art lovers can attend as well, although the entry fee is a bit high.

5. Read the text once more and match the statements to the events.

1) More than 300 artists from around the globe submit their works, which they integrate into this rural landscapes.

2) It open to the general public as well, offering attendees the chance to catch a glimpse of the works of some of the most important and influential artists working today.

3) It has also allowed Middle Eastern artists breaking down stereotypes and sharing their talent with an audience that may not have had a chance to see it before.

4) The festival annually draws some of the best artistic talent from the U.K. and beyond, with actors, musicians, and artists all sharing the stage.

5) The show goes to great lengths to provide security and authenticity to buyers, who can spend millions of dollars on a single work of art.

6. Complete the following sentences with the words/phrases in colour from the text.

1) Sculptures, paintings, architectural designs, songs, films and poems are some examples of _____, developed specifically for aesthetics and beauty, and serving no practical function.

2) Part of the success of the festival consists of its ability to attract _____ people.

3) _____ on to the whiteboard is made directly, using the white surface as the screen.

4) The _____ are traditionally the space in which art objects meet an audience.

5) She only bought that sports car to _____ and prove she could afford one.

6) I cannot find the style for this new design, it seems _____.

7) These historic tombs were built _____ at the time, and are still of a very impressive and beautiful character.

8) From towering tyrannosaurus-rex sculptures and massive inflatable balloons to commercial skyscrapers and public monuments, there is a great number of _____ completed around the globe.

7. Look at the types of festivals or fairs and tell which of them the speakers mention.

art festival / film festival / folk festival / food festival / literary festival / music festival / religious festival / winter-spring festival / book fair / dancing festival

8. Listen to the recording once again, complete the phrases below and explain them.

1) run training _____

2) international _____

3) _____ vendors

4) brightly _____

5) stroll through _____

6) parade _____

7) steel band _____

8) local market _____

9) drive away _____

9. Say whether the sentences are true (T) or false (F) according to the recording.

1) The Sheffield festival shows films and holds interviews with actors.

2) The Notting Hill Carnival takes place in the Caribbean.

3) The main attraction of the Tunarama festival is tuna and other seafood.

4) The symbol of Diwali festival, a clay lamp, signifies that good conquered evil.

5) The Frankfurt book fair is a commercial event.

10. Complete the sentences using each or every. Sometimes both are possible.

1) I spoke to ________ of the delegates there.

2) We enjoyed ________ minute of our holidays.

3) There were cars parked on ________ side of the street.

4) There are four different leaflets – please take one of ________.

5) ________ visitor has written positive feedback.

6) These magnets cost 25 cent ________.

7) There are six apartments in this building. ________ one has a balcony.

8) They’re open ________ day except Sunday.

9) ________ time I go shopping, I buy more than I intended.

10) ________ student will take the exam. They will ________ have a 15 minute interview.

11. Сhoose the correct alternatives.

1) When I was on holiday, all my luggage/my whole luggage was stolen.

2) All/Whole I’ve eaten today is a sandwich.

3) I don’t shop for clothes very often – about every sixth month/every six months.

4) I’ve spent the whole money/all the money you gave me.

5) Sue works every day/all days except Sunday.

6) I’m tired. I’ve been working hard all the day/all day.

7) It was a terrible fire. Whole building/The whole building was destroyed.

8) I’ve been trying to contact her, but every time/all the time I phone there’s no answer.

9) I don’t like the shops here. The goods are of poor quality every time/all the time.

10) He knows all/whole about the art of shopping.

12. Work in groups. Do a survey among your classmates, take notes on their answers and share the results with the class. Sum up using all/every/each/whole.

Find someone who...

• ...has been to a festival in the past year;

• ...knows something about any particular festival

• …can tell you about their favourite festival;

• ...has never taken part in a festival but would like to;

• ….likes to watch, but wouldn’t want to join it;

• ...thinks that music/food/costumes is an essential ingredient for a good festival.

For example: I have asked all the students in my group.

Each of them said that... Not everyone described something, some of them only suggested... Most of the students answered...

The whole group agreed that, a good mood is the main ingredient for the fest.

13. Web quest. Search the Internet the Internet to find out and write about the Aberdeen International Festival of Youth Arts. Answer the following questions:

1) Where is Aberdeen (venue)?

2) Where does it originate from (historical event/personality)?

3) When was it first held?

4) What type of festival is it?

5) When does it take place?

6) How many people attend the event?

7) Who flocks to the festival?

8) What does it feature/celebrate?

9) What are the traditional activities/ displays?

10) What is the highlight of it?

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