1. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1) Many _____ grow because of a growing informal economy which creates demand for workers. 

a) high-rise 

b) outskirts 

c) slums 

d) neighbourhood

2) The city has had a _____ art scene for more than 100 years. 

a) thriving 

b) affordable 

c) iconic 

d) diverse

3) _____ doors give access to a small courtyard at the back of the house. 

a) basement 

b) shutter 

c) chimney 

d) patio

4) I think it’s time I should tell you a few _____to show you what you really are. 

a) homesicks 

b) home truths 

c) hit homes 

d) on the houses

5) I bought these sunglasses from a street _____ in Florence. 

a) reveller 

b) performer 

c) vendor 

d) merry-maker

6) Sometimes a _____ gives you more information than reading the main title. 

a) review 

b) subtitle 

c) script 

d) trailer

7) This movie was _____ Australia by Oscar-winning director Steve Roger. 

a) set in 

b) released in 

c) based on 

d) filmed in

8) There are some real _____ opportunities as Apple reduces its stock. 

a) bargain 

b) stroll 

c) merchant 

d) overpriced

9) If they _____ these shoes I’ll buy two pairs, because I like them. 

a) shell out 

b) shop around 

c) mark down 

d) splash out

10) Our aim is to make the _____, museums, and our heritage accessible to all. 

a) performing arts 

b) oil paintings 

c) cinematography 

d) fiction

11) We have lived _____ 108 Rolling Street since 2004. 

a) in 

b) on 

c) at 

d) –

12) I would have helped my friend but I had very _____ time so I had to refuse her. 

a) few 

b) plenty 

c) lots of 

d) little

13) I watched five films during the festival, but _____ of them was good. 

a) neither 

b) either 

c) none 

d) any

14) They weren’t able to stay for _____ concert. 

a) every 

b) the whole 

c) all the 

d) each

15) The teacher gave _____ of the students a piece of paper. 

a) every 

b) whole 

c) all 

d) each

16) I told him that I _____ his friend for months. 

a) did not see 

b) have not seen 

c) had not seen 

d) would not see

17) Rachael: “Can I go to the festival?” Rachael wanted to know _____ to the festival. 

a) if she could go 

b) if she can go 

c) if she was able to 

d) when she could go

18) As I _____, I am not much of a television watcher. 

a) say 

b) said 

c) tell 

d) told

19) One of my friends is always _____ getting up early every morning. 

a) complaining 

b) denying 

c) accusing 

d) promising

20) Mark was angry _____ Jack because he came late to the concert. 

a) by 

b) at 

c) about 

d) for

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