Do a nature quiz.

1) Conservation means: 

a) renewing natural resources when possible 

b) not using natural resources 

c) protecting nature

2) Climate determines: 

a) the type of flora in a particular region 

b) the type of fauna in a particular region 

c) the weather in a particular region

3) Rapid decline of biodiversity is caused by: 

a) competition between species 

b) destruction of habitat 

c) climate change

4) The species of plants and animals which are normally found at a place are called: 

a) endemic species 

b) extinct species 

c) endangered species

1. What is biodiversity? What is an ecosystem? Put the following living organisms into the correct columns. Add some more examples. Name their habitats.

mallow / linden / heron / turtle / walnut / rhinoceros / daffodil / hawk / lizard / snail / peony / cheetah / aspen / woodpecker / nymphaea / raccoon / squid / owl / lynx / caterpillar / hare / goat / whale / buffalo / grasshopper / stingray / trout / marten

Birds and Insects
Fish and Reptiles

2. Describe some animals from the previous exercise using the adjectives below.

furry / violent / dangerous / poisonous / tame / agile / clever / aggressive / tiny / extinct / domesticated / wild / herbivorous / carnivorous / cold-blooded / warm-blooded / endangered

3. Match the animal idioms to their definitions. Make up a few sentences using some of them. Give their Ukrainian equivalents.

1) You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

2) Crocodile tears

3) Bear with a sore paw

4) Have a whale of a time

5) To rat on somebody

6) Cold turkey

7) Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

8) Hen pecked

9) Dog tired

10) A fly in the ointment

11) A bee in your bonnet

a) Don’t presume anything until it is certain

b) Someone in a bad mood

c) False tears to give impression of sadness

d) Someone who is too accustomed to old habits won’t want to change

e) Husband who is nagged at by his wife

f) Extremely tired

g) Have an exciting, interesting time. Enjoy oneself enormously

h) One big problem in an otherwise faultless plan

i) Be angry, resentful about a certain issue

j) Tell a person in authority about the bad behaviour of another person

k) Quitting an addiction suddenly; no tapering off

4. What can you say about Ukrainian nature? What national parks and reserves do you know? Read the article about Ukrainian conservation territories and match their titles to the paragraphs.

a) Carpathian National Park

b) Shatskyi National Park

c) National Park “Synevyr”

d) National Park “Oleshkovsky Sands”

e) Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve

f) Podilski Tovtry National Park

Ukraine consists largely of flat, fertile plains (steppes) and plateaus with intermittent woods. The diverse landscape of Ukraine provides excellent habitats for flora and fauna species. For this reason areas of Ukraine have been declared protected areas, nature reserves, and National parks. National Parks in Ukraine are vital for preserving large natural areas and provide the country with great opportunities to develop ecotourism.

1) _____________. We can talk endlessly about the uniqueness of this region, where you may find 15 thousand-year-old archaeological sites, wooden monuments of folk culture and architecture. Among natural objects, the most famous is Rudyak bog with small cranberries and other rare plants. Also, many tourists are fascinated by Dovbush rock or an amazing 12-meter-high waterfall “Prybiy” in Yaremche. All this creates an extremely majestic landscape of the region.

2) ______________. This Ukrainian National Park is a biosphere reserve, within the borders of which there are 23 lakes, with the largest of them Svityaz; it is famous for a crystal clarity of water, healing properties of swamps and incredibly beautiful landscapes. Pine forests around the lakes are a home to 61 Red List species, both of fauna and flora, and the surrounding air is filled with the pleasant smell of pine needls; this makes the place a favourite vacation spot for tourists from Ukraine and abroad.

3) ____________. It is a majestic mountain range nowadays, however in the past, it was a seabed. There are swamps with a spherical surface in the park. Lake Synevyr itself is considered the most valuable natural treasure of the national park and is the visiting card of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Also there you may see the Museum of Forest and Rafting, and it is the only museum in Europe, where the ancient tools of lumberjacks and raftsmen are exhibited.

4) ______________. This national park features the largest sand massif in Europe, it is a real Ukrainian desert, with oases, sand dunes, snakes, and poisonous spiders, where the sand heats up to 75 degrees in summer. For a long time the park was a restricted zone locating a military testing spot. Now it is a popular touristic destination, unique and unexplored.

5) _____________. This reserve in the territory of Ukraine is unique. For every visitor, it offers the opportunity to see the arboretum and the zoo, as well as the virgin steppe. It retained its original inviolability, where animals can be seen in their natural habitat.

6) _____________. It was founded in 1996 and is known for its amazing geological formations. Forests, grasslands, meadows, and valleys define this landscape. Approximately 1 700 plant species can be found there. Mineral springs, as well as historical and cultural monuments, attract loads of tourists. This is the place where the mysterious and majestic Ukrainian Carpathians begin.

All Ukrainian national parks are different, but once you see them you will fall in love.

5. Name some more examples of the relief typical for Ukraine.

6. Read the article again and choose the appropriate options

1) Carpathian National Park ... 

a) is over 15 thousand years old 

b) is famous for a variety of ancient landmarks 

c) is not very rich in flora

2) Shatskyi National Park ... 

a) is mostly covered with deciduous forests 

b) is situated in a lake region 

c) is not a developed tourist destination

3) National Park “Synevyr” ... 

a) is one of the most attractive European natural sights 

b) used to be below sea level 

c) is situated in the highlands and there are plenty of mountain rivers

4) National Park “Oleshkovsky Sands” ... 

a) is a deserted area 

b) is not open to public 

c) features rich flora, fauna and climate typical for a desert

5) Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve ... 

a) is a Ukrainian safari 

b) mostly consists of untouched nature 

c) amazes visitors with indigenous wildlife

6) Podilski Tovtry National Park ... 

a) borders with Carpathian National Park 

b) most of the park’s land is low 

c) offers a variety of places of interest, as well as diverse natural world

7. Make a list of animal species typical for the Ukrainian ecosystem. Listen to the recording about Ukrainian fauna and tick the animals the speaker mentioned.

8. Read the sentences and say whether they are true (T) or false (F). Listen to the recording again and check your answers. Correct the false once.

1) Different natural conditions of Ukraine caused a rich and varied animal world to develop.

2) Ukrainian fauna is classified into three regions.

3) Ukrainian Carpathians region boasts wildlife representatives from both the forests and plains.

4) In the Crimean mountain region there are also representative areas similar to the Carpathians region.

5) The Black and Azov seas are resources of the Ukrainian fishing industry.

6) There are 85 types of animal species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

9. Put the correct nouns from the given words below.

hyenas / fish / singers / people / players / frogs / gorillas / crows / bees / maps / flamingos / stars / wolves / tigers / natives / otters / rats / crocodiles

1) An ambush of _________

2) An army of ___________

3) A stand of ____________

4) A bask of ____________

5) A crowd of ___________

6) A hive of ____________

7) A colony ______________

8) A murder of____________

9) A family of ____________

10) A school of_____________

11) A pack of ______________

12) A choir of______________

13) A galaxy of___________

14) An atlas of ___________

15) A tribe of ____________

16) A team of ____________

17) A clan of _____________

18) A mob of ____________

10. Complete the following sentences using the appropriate collective nouns given below. There is one extra option you don’t need to use.

herd / bunch / clump/ flock / swarm / collection / gaggle / class/ set / pack / company / pod / bouquet / comb / flight / band

1) The hungry fox saw a _____ of grapes hanging from the vine.

2) We were attacked by a _____ of bees.

3) A _____ of birds is always a beautiful sight.

4) As we drove through the country side, we saw a _____ of sheep grazing in the fields.

5) A _____ of musicians was hired to perform at the party.

6) She bought a _____ of bananas for her pet monkey.

7) In the movie Lion King, a _____ of hyenas attack Simba the lion cub.

8) They welcomed the chief guest with a _____ of flowers.

9) The farmer thinks he has the biggest _____ of cattle on his farm.

10) My friend has a fine _____ of old stamps.

11) A _____ of geese found their way into the open country.

12) A _____ of dancers will entertain us first.

13) We sat down in the shade of a _____ of trees.

14) Golf is an expensive game. You ’ll need a _____ of clubs.

15) We were in awe as we watched the _____ of whales swimming.

11. Some collective nouns are very descriptive. We hear the collective noun and we can imagine what the group looks like. A pride of lions sounds more interesting than a group of lions. Invent a creative collective noun for each of the nouns below, and then write a sentence to show the collective noun in use.

For example: student /babble – We were surrounded by a babble of students.

cell phones / teachers / computers / children / cars / footballs / ice-creams / pencils / roller coasters

12. Work in pairs. Use additional resources and prepare a brief presentation by the table below. Pick one of the National parks listed in the table and fill in the columns accordingly. Present the information about the destination you’ve picked to the class.

National Natural Parks

Grand Canyon

Victoria Falls

Great Barrier Reef

13. Imagine you are a travel agent. Prepare a leaflet about one of the touristic destinations of Ukraine. Tell a short prehistory of the place, write about the location and landscape, flora and fauna, describe a few interesting facts, must-see places, activities to try. Give some advice on how to get there, where to stay, and what season is the best for visiting.

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