1. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1) A liter of milk contains about thirty grams of _____. 

a) cholesterol 

b) vitamin c 

c) iron 

d) protein

2) The doctor advised him to _____ sugar, it can be dangerous for his health. 

a) copping with 

b) cut down on 

c) balanced on 

d) give up

3) He _____ – there’s never enough left for everyone else once he’s been at the buffet. 

a) chews the fat 

b) eats like a horse 

c) has a cake and eats it 

d) is out to lunch

4) You could choose as much or as little as you wanted from an _____ – menu. 

a) a la carte 

b) tasting menu 

c) appetizer 

d) wishlist

5) The specialist may prescribe a stronger _____or other medication to help relieve the pain. 

a) injection 

b) bandage 

c) painkiller 

d) ointment

6) The action of restoring someone to health through therapy after illness is _____. 

a) pathology 

b) rehabilitation 

c) anaesthetics 

d) referral

7) Doctors usually _____ the disease after studying the symptoms. 

a) heal 

b) cure 

c) treat 

d) diagnose

8) We had a heavy lunch today, and now I am feeling a bit _____. 

a) ray of sunshine 

b) under the weather 

c) in deep water 

d) drop in the ocean

9) The electricity industry consumes large amounts of _____ fuels. 

a) fossil 

b) ozone 

c) energy 

d) acid

10) Environmental conservation generally works in favour of maintaining _____. 

a) ecovillages 

b) going green 

c) status quo 

d) footprint

11) How much milk do you want in your coffee? Only _____. 

a) a little 

b) a few 

c) much 

d) many

12) Are there _____ cherries left in the bowl? 

a) much 

b) many 

c) a lot of 

d) plenty of

13)It _____ if you could reply as soon as possible. 

a) appreciate 

b) is appreciated 

c) has been appreciated 

d) would be appreciated

14) These statistics _____ revised since 2012. 

a) are not 

b) were not 

c) are not being 

d) have not been

15) This medication _____ taken on an empty stomach. 

a) should be 

b) shouldn’t be 

c) should been 

d) shouldn’t have been

16) That necklace is no longer in the shop window so it _____ sold. 

a) can be 

b) must be 

c) can have been 

d) must have been

17) There is a real demand _____ new products. a) for b) in c) to d) with

18) As we drove through the countryside, we saw _____ of sheep grazing in the fields. 

a) a crowd 

b) a litter 

c) a flock 

d) a clan

19) The fossil is believed _____ back to the Miocene era. 

a) to date 

b) to have dates 

c) that it dates 

d) to be dates

20) Hundreds of people _____ killed in the earthquake. 

a) are reported that they were 

c) are reported to be 

b) are reported to have been 

d) are reported that they are

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