– What is the European Union and how many countries belong to it?

– What are the benefits of joining the EU? Are there any drawbacks?

– What does the EU flag symbolize?

– What are some other international unions or organizations you can think of?

1. What do international organizations do? Match the words to make collocations.

peace / a campaign / sanctions / order / an agreement / a summit / a dispute / volunteers / a decision

community / campaign / assistance / relief / loans / aid / relations / fire / treaty

1) hold ______________________________

2) settle _____________________________

3) reach _____________________________

4) resolve ____________________________

5) impose ____________________________

6) recruit ____________________________

7) run _______________________________

8) maintain __________________________

9) veto______________________________

1) humanitarian ______________________

2) financial __________________________

3) fund-raising ________________________

4) international _______________________

5) emergency _________________________

6) world _____________________________

7) low-interest ________________________

8) cease ______________________________

9) peace _____________________________

2. Who works for international organizations? Where do they sit? What documents do they rely on? What do they deal with? Match the columns with the questions and discuss the words with your teacher, look up if necessary.


Diplomat Ambassador












International Law

Labour rights




3. Look at the acronyms, are any of them familiar to you? What do they stand for? Match the abbreviations to the full names of the organizations. What do you think each of them deals with?



c) WHO


e) WB

f) UN

g) IMF

h) EU

1) The World Health Organization:________________________________________________

2) The World Bank:_____________________________________________________________

3) The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization:__________________

4) The United Nations:__________________________________________________________

5) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization:_________________________________________

6) The International Red Cross and Red Crescent:____________________________________

7) The International Monetary Fund: ______________________________________________

8) The European Union:__________________________________________________________

4. Match the logos below to the organisations above.

5. What do you think are the main roles of these organisations? Read the description of missions and match them to the appropriate organisations.

a) Keeping the peace, developing friendly relationships among countries, and improving the quality of life for the world’s poor people.

b) A group of countries that will protect each other in case of attack, they help keep peace and security around the world and help countries after a natural disaster.

c) Help poor and middle-income countries get money to build improvements and reduce poverty

d) Work to improve health around the entire world.

e) Help people around the world: respond to disasters, run programmes in local communities, visiting prisoners of war.

f) Gives loans to poor and developing countries to promote economic development.

g) Help European countries avoid conflict by making them dependent on each other: create a single economy, act as a single voice in the world for, give aid to countries around the world.

6. Do you know what international organisations Ukraine is a member of? What do you know about their cooperation? Read the article and check your ideas.

Ukraine has formal relations with many nations and in recent decades it has been establishing diplomatic relations with an expanding circle of nations. The foreign relations of Ukraine are guided by a number of key priorities outlined in the foreign policy of Ukraine. 1) ___________.

The most important step toward the accession of our country to the EU was WTO Membership. Since Ukraine became a member of the WTO, there have been a number of particular changes in Ukrainian legislation. The list of changes, which have been made in Ukrainian legislation since the state became a member of the WTO in May 16, 2008, includes creating a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU; bringing the standards of statistics, tax, pension, insurance, medical, educational, and other systems in accordance with European; political and military-political joining in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

The World Trade Organization is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. 2) ___________. Trade-related disputes are resolved by independent judges at the WTO. The goal is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably, and freely as possible. Ukraine’s WTO membership provided necessary conditions and opened new prospects for the development of national economy.

The Energy Community is an international organisation which brings together the European Union and its neighbours to create an integrated pan-European energy market. The organisation was founded by the Treaty establishing the Energy Community signed in October 2005 in Athens, Greece, in force since July 2006. The key objective of the Energy Community is to extend the EU internal energy market rules and principles to countries in South Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region. 3) ___________. Ukraine has been a member of the Energy Community since February 1, 2011. Naturally, this status entails certain benefits as well as responsibilities.

The Council of Europe is an international organisation whose stated aim is to protect, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Europe and to promote European unity by fostering cooperation on legal, cultural, and social issues. The Council of Europe is an official United Nations Observer. 4) ___________. Ukraine became the 37th member State of the Council of Europe on November 9, 1995.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world’s largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. Its areas of work include issues such as arms control, promotion of human rights, freedom of the press, and fair elections. 5) ___________. Ukraine is a full participating State of the OSCE since January 30, 1992. The Mission monitors and reports on the security situation with daily reports, and in response to specific incidents on the ground with spot reports.

7. Match the words in the text in colour to their synonyms below.

weapons used in fighting wars / when the laws are equally obeyed by everyone / entrance / goal / strategy / buying and selling / require / check / placement / encourage / European-wide

8. Read the sentences below and fill them into the gaps in the text appropriately. There is one you do not need to use.

a) Its best known body is the European Court of Human Rights, which enforces the European Convention on Human Rights.

b) It operates in disaster management, health and care, tracing service, youth activities/ volunteers, and protection of human dignity.

c) It is concerned with early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict rehabilitation.

d) It aims to create a multi-vector system cooperation that would ensure its political, economic, and energy safety by increasing international contacts.

e) It prohibits discrimination between trading partners, but provides exceptions for environmental protection, national security, and other important goals.

f) It now also includes legislation in relation to security of supply, energy efficiency, oil, renewable energy, and statistics.

9. Do you know a motto or hymn of any international organisation mentioned above? Which one? Listen to the extract and tell which organization it belongs to?

10. a) Read the non-official hymn to the United Nations, look up unknown words if needed. Think of the words to complete the gaps. Listen and fill in the missing

Eagerly, musician. ________ your string, So we may ________. Elated, optative, Our several_________ Interblending, _________ contending, Not interfering But co-inhering, For all ________

The cincture of the _________, Is _____ground Where all are brothers, None ________Others, Let mortals beware Of _____________, for With words we lie, Can say _________ (Music: Pablo Casals, Words: W. H. Auden)

b)What is the main idea of the hymn? Translate it into Ukrainian

11. Rearrange the word order of the following statements to make the correct sentences.

1) were relaxing/when/on deck/The passengers/a loud bang/suddenly/heard/they/.

2) the steamship/was pouring/at/an alarming speed/into/Water/.

3) any/a/haven’t/you/circumstances/You/sign/read/under/contract/shouldn’t/thoroughly.

4) can/,/do/of/you/If/your/more/nobody/you/best/anything/ask.

5) which/They/in the side of/some hard object/had hit/had torn/a hole/the ship/.

6) had/later/would/only/that/We/night/understand/what/happened.

7) Acropolis/to/must/you/see/If/the/Athens/you.

8) an/today’s/article/There/paper/is/Italy/interesting/in/about.

9) looked over/all/the edge/They/ran to/of the boat/and/jumped up/the side/,/.

10) a terrible scene/saw/To their horror/they/.

11) all/had/The/only/meeting/participants/the/arrived/when/started.

12) leave/must/the/building/on/hours/Employees/no/working/account/during.

12. Rewrite these sentences using the given inversion, without changing the meaning.

1) They started to argue soon after they had got married. No sooner ____________________

2) Amy had not enjoyed herself so much since she went to the circus as a child. Not since ____

3) I have never seen such a terrible performance of Hamlet before. Never before ____________

4) We will pay you only after you finish the job. Only after____________________________

5) We had hardly arrived when Julie burst into the house. Barely __________________________

6) He understood little about the situation. Little_____________________________________

7) They are destroying the environment. What ______________________________________

8) She at no time said she was vegetarian. At no time_________________________________

9) People rarely appreciate this musician’s talent. Rarely_______________________________

10) We won’t consider you for the basketball team until you grow up. Not until_____________

11) Exhaustion prevented any of the runners from finishing the race. So_________________

12) She would never again trust her own judgement when buying antiques. Never__________

13. Change the following If-clauses intoconditionals without “if”.

1) If you asked John for help, he would happily help you. ______________________________

2) If he had passed the last test, he would have been accepted into the Army Force. _________

3) If you should meet my students, please tell them that I am looking for them. ______________

4) If he had been so tired, he wouldn’t have missed the party. __________________________

5) I couldn’t have bought a new car unless I had borrowed some money from the bank. ______

6) If he had gone to the doctor immediately, he might have been saved. __________________

7) If she got sick, we would call a doctor. ___________________________________________

8) If he studied seriously, he would pass right now. ___________________________________

9) If they knew the truth, they would send you to jail. ________________________________

10) If the police hadn’t stopped him suddenly, he wouldn’t have been in the accident. ________

14. Work in pairs. Look through the information from the lesson and talk to your partner about foreign relationships. Ask and answer questions about the international organizations according to what you’ve learnt in the lesson: acronyms, main functions, activities, Ukrainian membership.

For example: A: – What does the UN stand for? B: – The UN stands for the United Nations.

15. Work in groups. Look at the pictures and describe try to explain what is happening. Give ideas about how some of the international organizations can deal with these issues, support your answers with some more examples of what you heard/read in the news about their recent activities. Do you know how they actually help your country?


16. Prepare a short presentation about one of the international organizations mentioned in the lesson or choose some other. Do the necessary research and prepare the following information:

___________ was founded in_____________. ____________ countries are involved today. The headquarters of __________________________ are in __________________________. The reason the ________________ exists is to _________________________________________. The _______________________________ has two roles: 

1) __________________________________________________________________________; 

2) __________________________________________________________________________. A good example of something the ___________________ does is ________________________ __________________________________________________________________________. Benefits for Ukraine being a member of _______________________________________ are ___________________________________________________________________________.

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