1. Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

1) Common cultural, ethnic, and religious _____ are the glue of nationhood for many people. 

a) identity 

b) mentality 

c) symbols 

d) heritages

2) Ukrainian _____ occupies an important place among the various branches of Ukrainian decorative arts. 

a) embroidery 

b) nation 

c) language 

d) tradition

3) The Prime Minister was heavily criticized last month for giving the go ahead to broadcast a _____ which personally attacked the leader of the opposition. 

a) referendum 

b) parliament 

c) chairman 

d) manifestos

4) The people who are trying to win a seat in parliament in an election, are called the _____. 

a) candidates 

b) voters 

c) parties 

d) ministers

5) The election of the government is carried out by _____. 

a) polling station 

b) majority 

c) secret ballot 

d) policies

6) UNICEF suggests that poverty is the biggest cause of _____. 

a) religious freedom 

b) free trade 

c) illegal immigration 

d) child labour

7) Democracy _____ great change in the lives of the people. 

a) broke out 

b) brought about 

c) got by 

d) put out

8) A crime like _____ is to be punished by 3-5 months imprisonment. 

a) kidnapping 

b) hijacking 

c) arson 

d) drink-driving

9) The government should do more to _____ sustainable agriculture. 

a) promote 

b) maintain 

c) protect 

d) commit

10) The government is _____ for the provision of education for all children. 

a) useful 

b) moderate 

c) representative 

d) responsible

11) The scientists disagreed about _____ kind of _____ weather the greenhouse effect would bring in the future. 

a) the, 0 

b) a, 0 

c) the, the 

d) a, a

12)If all eligible voters _____, he wouldn’t have been elected. 

a) have voted 

b) had voted 

c) voted 

d) vote

13) Public transportation changed completely _____ the first airlines began to operate. 

a) until 

b) when 

c) as soon as 

d) before

14) She will miss the opportunity unless she _____ him now. 

a) calls 

b) will call 

c) doesn’t call 

d) hasn’t called

15)If you had a flat in the centre of town, you _____ with a lot of noise. 

a) will have to put up 

c) would have to put up 

b) will put up 

d) would have put up

16) We will continue our research _____ we get a grant. 

a) since 

b) during the time 

c) once 

d) provided (that)

17) Let’s watch a film, _____? 

a) don’t we 

b) shall we 

c) aren’t we 

d) do we

18) He never goes to bed before 10 o’clock, _____? 

a) is he 

b) doesn’t he 

c) does he 

d) is he

19) _____me earlier, I would have helped you with your English grammar. 

a) Has you asked 

b) Had you asked 

c) Had you ask 

d) Has asked you

20) _____ after months of planning were they ready for the conference. 

a) Rarely 

b) Little 

c) Only 

d) No sooner

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